The World’s only Zend Center of Excellence

Zend helps enterprises accelerate application modernization and bring new innovations to market faster. OSSCube is a leading Zend Solutions Partner delivering services to mid to large sized enterprises across the U.S., the U.K., and India. We help you leverage Zend products and services to increase the maturity of your PHP application lifecycle.

OSSCube’s Zend Center of Excellence offers Zend based services to solve problems of any complexity in web application development. Our experienced team possesses both the technical expertise and the conceptual skills to deploy enterprise PHP applications with security measures, reliability, performance, and scalability. We provide custom Zend services to accelerate your application modernization and digital transformation initiatives.

OSSCube offers Zend services across the product lifecycle:

  • Zend PHP consulting services
  • Application audits and road map
  • Performance enhancement and monitoring using Zend Server
  • PHP maintenance and support
  • IP protection using Zend Guard
  • Zend Server cluster management for cluster environments