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SugarCRM Admin Fundamentals

SugarCRM Admin fundamentals course is designed for professionals who would be working as administrators of SugarCRM.  This course would prepare you to launch and manage SugarCRM effectively and efficiently.  During the course you would learn to create roles, setup emails, forms redesigning and other fundamental configuration.  A Certificate of Completion will be provided upon successful completion of the course.



SugarCRM Versions

sugarCRM 1.0 to 5.2


Sugar Enterprise, Sugar Professional, Sugar Community Edition, Sugar Express


Three days (4 hours session per day)


Getting Started and/or prior experience navigating in Sugar. A basic understanding of cron in a unix-based system or scheduled tasks and batch scripts in Windows is recommended for the workflows segment, but not required. A basic understanding of POP or IMAP and SMTP or sendmail is recommended for the email settings segment, but not required.

Course Details

This course will cover

  • Configure system settings
  • Add logos to your Sugar system and quotes
  • Implement users, teams and roles
  • Perform basic customizations using Studio
  • Create custom modules using Module Builder
  • Configure email settings
  • Create workflows
  • Understand installation and upgrade best practices



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