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Python Training: Get Python Training From OSSCube

This course will target the developers with experience of developing applications using C/C++ or Java. Course will start by exposing the audience to python syntax, coding methodology, python OOPS model, File handling and database handling.

Course will cover short introduction to application frameworks available in python, Python on Web, short introduction to GUI development frameworks in python and automating system level tasks with python.

Training will be conducted using python recipes. Recipes are short programs covering one aspect of language or solving a specific problem. In short all training will be done using code examples.


Anyone who has experience on developing programs using C/C++/Java/Perl. Understanding of OOPS concepts will be an advantage for the audience.


Working knowledge of C/C++/Java/Perl


To learn the essentials for creating web-based PHP applications


Module one

  • Introduction to python language
  • Python data types
  • Python control statements
  • Functions, Modules and Packages in python File Handling Database Handling

Module two

  • Python OOPS model
  • Exception Handling
  • The pythonic Class

Module three

  • Python GUI frameworks
  • Introduction to pyGTK
  • Introduction to wxwidgets
  • Introduction to PyQt

Module four

  • Python and CGI
  • Python WSGI specification
  • Introduction to django/font>
  • Introduction to cherrypy
  • Introduction to web based templating engines (Mako, kid, cheetah)

Module five

  • Python and XML
  • Python and JSON
  • Python and network
  • Introduction to Zope
  • Introduction to Twisted


  • Three days.

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