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MySQL For DBA: Get MySQL Training for DBA from OSSCube

  • Is your MySQL database secure? Do your users have the correct privileges and access rights?
  • Is your MySQL database operating at optimal efficiency? Do you want to increase the performance of your database and make sure it scales?
  • Do you want to save time using features like Stored Procedures, Triggers and Views?
  • Do you want to utilize the new enterprise features of MySQL 5.0?

Then MySQL 5.0 for DBA's is the class for you! An Authorized MySQL instructor will teach you how to properly install MySQL, create and execute Backup Strategies, create secure Stored Procedures to update and access data and more!

This instructor led, hands-on class will teach you how to secure users privileges, set resource limitations, and access controls. In addition, you will learn multiple new MySQL 5.0 features such as creating and using Stored Procedures, Triggers and Views.

At the completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Describe the MySQL Architecture, general operational characteristics and resources utilized for running it.
  • Perform the most common Database Administration (DBA) tasks utilizing the various programs contained within the MySQL application
  • Utilize the MySQL Administrator Graphical User Interface (GUI) to manage a MySQL server
  • Use the INFORMATION_SCHEMA database to access metadata
  • Install and Upgrade MySQL 5.0 for the most common operating systems
  • Perform the MySQL start and shutdown operations
  • Configure MySQL server options at runtime
  • Activate and manage numerous server logs
  • Evaluate data types and character sets for performance issues
  • Understand data locking concepts and the different levels of locking in MySQL
  • Differentiate between the multiple storage engines available in MySQL
  • Create, Maintain and Manage MySQL tables
  • Perform backup and restore operations utilizing multiple MySQL tools
  • Manage user maintenance and access to a MySQL Server
  • Maintain integrity of a MySQL installation utilizing security protocols
  • Use stored routines and triggers for administration tasks
  • Manage, apply and understand the reason for using views
  • Improve performance through query optimization
  • Optimize Schemas (Databases) utilizing multiple techniques
  • Utilize MySQL monitoring tools to improve server performance
  • Compare multiple environment options to improve server performance
  • Scale MySQL operations up


  • Combined with sufficient practical experience, this course prepares for the MySQL 5.0 Database Administrator Certification Exams
  • Exam vouchers will be distributed to course attendees, until such time when in-class exams are ready to be administered on the last day of the course
  • To attain the Certified MySQL DBA title, you must pass two exams:
  • 005-002: Certified MySQL 5.0 DBA Part I
  • 006-002: Certified MySQL 5.0 DBA Part II
  • Examination is conducted at an authorized PearsonVue Center. You can contact any PearsonVue Center and take appointment for giving exam.

Who should attend

DBAs and developers who want to administer MySQL


Having attended the MySQL 5.0 for beginners course or some experience with Relational Databases and SQL.


Instructor led, with hands-on lab exercises
Each student will be provided with their own computer


5 Days


INR 30,000 + 12.36% Service Tax

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