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Jumpstart Salesforce to SugarCRM Migration

Salesforce to SugarCRM MigrationCongratulations for taking decision of migrating from Salesforce to SugarCRM! We take care of typical pains during the migration process and get you up in SugarCRM quickly.

We take care of Salesforce to SugarCRM typical Migration challenges:

  • My data is very complex and large, can it be ported?
  • I have customized Salesforce extensively, can it be migrated?
  • I am using a number of third party apps in Salesforce, how can they be migrated in SugarCRM
  • Will the performance of migrated system be good?
  • Do I have to give all the data to a third party? How do I know if it will remain secure?
  • Will there be a downtime?
  • How will my users get trained in SugarCRM?

We are Super Quick in Salesforce to SugarCRM Migration!

Our years of experience in data migration processes allow us to migrate data into SugarCRM at up to 10x speeds with high level of accuracy, and handle errors & inactive data effectively with zero data corruption. Deploying Open Source ETL Tool like Talend, we have established the time-tested processes in tackling the challenges of migrating high volumes of data and inconsistency in data.

Being a SugarCRM Platinum Partner, Talend Gold Partner, and expert in PHP (SugarCRM is built on PHP) and MySQL (SugarCRM uses MySQL as Database), we complete migration projects much faster than our competitors.

Why OSSCube?

  • Industry Best Migration Practices & Tools
  • Complete Data Privacy and Security
  • Risk Free Migration
  • Successful Track Record of Complex Migrations
  • SugarCRM Platinum Partner and SugarCRM Certified Professionals

What’s Unique in engaging with OSSCube, a SugarCRM Platinum Partner?

Our job does not complete by simple migration of database. We will provide you with the following:

  • 3 ETL iterations (initial load, revised/full mapping load, and load to production server)
  • Planning, design, import and validation
  • Data mapping template
  • Import exception rules will be developed with customer for data which is incorrect, missing or needs conversion.

Start with a free quote & Proof of Concept (POC) today!

We will be happy to set up a one to one call to understand your needs. We would require a quick demo of your system, extent of current customization, data size and sample data to come back to you with a free quote & time estimates. What’s more? We can actually demonstrate a ported data set in SugarCRM as a Proof of Concept of how your migration will work!

Bonus offer! Improve your Data Quality

Get your data cleaned! Many CRM systems are infested with endless amount of duplicate data, spelling errors, etc. During the process of migration, we can analyze your data and clean the data so that you have high quality customer data available. Contact us to know more about this service!

Even more bonus offer!

Get SugarCRM licenses at highly discounted price when you are migrating from Salesforce to SugarCRM. Contact us to get your license price quote!


Chicago based private school uses SugarCRM Professional Edition

The client runs an urban, independent, Catholic elementary school in downtown Chicago that provides an academically excellent, values-oriented education to students of all ethnic, religious,...

Kare Partners

The client is an umbrella group that focuses on Therapeutic rehabilitation and other ancillary services in the healthcare sector.  In close collaboration with the client, OSSCube deployed SugarCRM...

Trend Micro

Trend Micro has trial download forms for various products they offer. OSSCube used reverse engineering techniques to find out the behavior of the web service, CAS server, and Activation code...


The main challenge in the project was to implement run time conversion of videos uploaded in .avi,.mpeg,.wmv,.mpg to .flv (flash) format and to implement i18n and L10n specifications for...

Smart Works - Sugarcrm Case Study

The Kay Center for E-Health Research partnered with OSSCube, and selected SugarCRM platform, as well as BIRT reporting tool, to create a web-based application which is called ‘SmartWorks’....

The requirement of this project was to enhance the SugarCRM campaign module to integrate it with ECDS System for Mass Targeted Messaging. The timeline of delivery was very tight, thus to ensure an...

Insurance Plus LLC

The requirement of this project was to enhance the SugarCRM campaign module to integrate it with ECDS System for Mass Targeted Messaging. The timeline of delivery was very tight, thus to ensure an...

Developed a coherent and comprehensive Enterprise-Wide System

OSSCube helped in developing a coherent and comprehensive Enterprise-Wide System to centralize a Michigan based e-business services provider’s multiple subsidiaries /businesses to a single...


The client provides better services to physician offices and health authorities, to make health care systems easy, fast and convenient.  But the way operations were carried in a complex workflow...

Drupal 7 Migration

This case study demonstrates how the Multi-site with Multi-domain setup of OSSCube has been successfully migrated...

Case Studies

Streamlined business processes and improved collaboration.

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Blue Book Building & Construction

The Blue Book Helping to tie construction contractors to their bids, proposals and future jobs.

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Modernization of a legacy IBMi logistics and supply chain management system.

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Client Testimonial

Sue Feldman, PhD., Applied Research, Evaluation & Analytics
Tim Bohlman,
Sr. V.P.,
CU Solutions
Phil Getto,
CTO, Orametrix, US
Axel Ramfjord ,
Head of Back office, Idium

Christine Marks, PCLS

Karl Haggard Mission Produce