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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Solutions

Maximize Brand Loyalty and Achieve New Levels of Profitability 

By empowering organizations to create extraordinary customer service, a modern CRM solution enables sales teams to go beyond building pipelines, nurturing prospects, and closing businesses. Devising and implementing a modern CRM solution is the linchpin to better customer relationships and satisfaction across all interactions.  
OSSCube works with your team to create an integrated CRM solution that helps you accomplish your business goals. Our certified developers understand your marketing and sales process to equip you with a tailored solution. Solution that empowers your business to close more deals faster, track all opportunities in one place, show detailed activities and suggest next action steps for each prospect.  

Partner to Drive Innovation and Engage Customers

OSSCube brought its in-depth knowledge and experience to global enterprises. Some of the key benefits that our clients leveraged from modernizing and transforming CRM system are: 
Remote Management 
  1. Greater flexibility 
  2. Users feel more empowered as they can work on mobile devices or access CRM from anywhere
  3. Helped client to manage their customer requests and resolve their issues faster 
Harmonized Disparate Units Working in Silos 
  1. Harmonized different units onto a common platform through a CRM
  2. Momentum has called for better internal collaboration 
  3. Extended visibility into key areas of business
Retained Customers and Nurtured Relationships 
  1. Solution enabled the client to manage its customer, prospects and sales opportunities much more efficiently
  2. Customer services have improved significantly 
  3. There is a great scope for customer retention 
Better Revenues 
  1. Integrated social media platforms, cloud-based CRM innovations and mobile applications
  2. Increase in overall efficiency and performance of customer relationship management 
  3. Accurate and complete understanding of individual customers’ requirements, increased ROI and profitability 
Respond in real time and establish long-term relationships with your customers, employees and prospects.    

    Case Studies

    Streamlined business processes and improved collaboration.

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    Blue Book Building & Construction

    The Blue Book Helping to tie construction contractors to their bids, proposals and future jobs.

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    Keeping accurate records saves time for doctors and hospitals.

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    Modernization of a legacy IBMi logistics and supply chain management system.

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    ACCO Engineered Systems

    Empowering field engineers with mobility for excelling service.

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    Providing inflight services to travelers around the world.

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    Reducing cost by unlocking restrictive business practices.

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    cu solutions group

    A customized SugarCRM solution streamlining project management.

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    Migrating GoldMine to SugarCRM to meet growing needs.

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    the kabbalah centre

    Serving a global community with an international and integrated website.

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    Keeping travelers up-to-date with price changes and availability.

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    Client Testimonial

    Sue Feldman, PhD., Applied Research, Evaluation & Analytics
    Tim Bohlman,
    Sr. V.P.,
    CU Solutions
    Phil Getto,
    CTO, Orametrix, US
    Axel Ramfjord ,
    Head of Back office, Idium

    Christine Marks, PCLS

    Karl Haggard Mission Produce