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Digital Customer Engagement: Getting It Right The First Time

To keep up with the shifting contours of customer engagement, the only mantra to grow for businesses is to "know the customer". Great brands have done it through fostering human connections and are still doing it.

Research says that, for 91% of unhappy customers who are non-complainers, switching loyalties is a piece of cake. Do you know the cost of losing customers in the United States alone, due to poor service is estimated to be around $1.6 trillion?

It all boils down to one thing: businesses cannot afford to lose customers.

Understanding the new digital consumer is all about understanding their behavior on mobile and the new age technologies that are woven into their lifestyle.

To satiate the digital native of today, techniques like predictive modelling, gathering intelligent insights through forecasting, data mining and text mining are needed. The more personal the experience, the closer you're to the customer.

Among the various challenges that stare in the face of customer engagement are legacy technology infrastructure and business processes, fragmented and siloed business units, stifled flow of information, that kill efficiency and straitjacket organization's ability to take customer focused decisions.

The right strategy for customer engagement is not about a campaign or an app, it is to do with charting out a comprehensive digital transformation plan. And to do that these key steps might come in handy-:

  1. Create a holistic roadmap
  2. Chart the customer journey and understand expectations
  3. Optimize omnichannel experience
  4. Make the right technology decisions
  5. Build a human connect

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