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Come and join our upcoming webinars in which we showcase integrated business solutions to enterprise organizations in areas like CRM, eCommerce, Enterprise Mobile & Web and Big Data.

  • webinar-aws-analytics

    AWS and Analytics

    Introduction to AWS comprehensive set of services, which can ease out and support every step of Analytics process chain including data warehousing, business intelligence, IOT, etc. These services are powerful, flexible, and yet simple to use, enabling organizations to put...

  • mysql-ha-webinar

    High Availability Using MySQL Group Replication

    MySQL Group Replication is a recent MySQL plugin that brings together group communication techniques and database replication, providing both a high availability and a multi-master update everywhere replication solution. On 1 Feb 2017, Abdul Manaf will present a webinar on...

  • webinar_10

    Using PIM to Maximize Revenue and Improve Customer Satisfaction

    This live webinar shows how Pimcore, an open source PIM (Product Information Management) solution, can be used to quickly update and append your product catalog across all channels, effectively reducing data management costs. Our experts on the topic explain how...

  • webinar_8

    Accelerate Your Digital Transformation Journey with Pimcore

    A key priority for businesses today is to successfully transform their enterprise into a digital business. Digital transformation offers  enormous opportunities to enterprises to refine their business models  and to win in this digital era. How is your organization placed...

  • webinar_9

    Migrating Legacy Applications to AWS Cloud: Strategies and Challenges

    To reduce the TCO of application infrastructure and to make it more scalable and resilient it is advisable to migrate on-premise legacy applications to AWS cloud. In this webinar, you will learn the benefits, key challenges and strategies to mitigate...

  • webinar_7

    Using MySQL Fabric for High Availability and Scaling Out

    MySQL Fabric is an extensible framework for managing farms of MySQL Servers. In this webinar, you will learn what MySQL Fabric is, what it can achieve and how it is used by database administrators and developers. Plus, you will learn...