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CodeIgniter Development

CodeIgniter is a PHP framework to build fully-featured, dynamic web application rapidly. CodeIgniter (CI) is mostly known among PHP enthusiasts for its speed, flexibility and ease of management when compared to other PHP frameworks.


CI is a PHP based MVC framework which gives the flexibility to develop PHP applications quickly with the following benefits:

  • Cut down on the amount of code you actually type   
  • Help you give large websites a coherent structure   
  • Discipline your coding and make it more robust   
  • Keep your links up-to-date automatically   
  • Complete facility of data validation        
  • Easy installation and migration from one server to another        
  • Very easy to manage and to customize   
  • Powerful collection of library to build applications rapidly


OSSCube specializes in offering full-range of CodeIgniter Development solution for different sized projects. Our certified engineers and PHP developers have extensive experience in practicing CI for Rapid Application Development and building up a large and stable codebase with CodeIgniter. Utilizing our decades of experience in LAMP stack, we provide complete CodeIgniter development solutions right from its installation and integration to custom solutions and fully-featured application development. We offer:

  • PHP development in CodeIgniter
  • CodeIgniter based product development
  • Migration of your legacy application to CodeIgniter based PHP 5 Application
  • CodeIgniter Application Audits
  • CodeIgniter PHP Developers on Hire and
  • CodeIgniter Support

Contact Us Today to create fast and advanced applications with CodeIgniter framework or to know how you can leverage CI to any kind of development needs.

PHP Case Studies

Kare Partner

The client is an umbrella group that focuses on Therapeutic rehabilitation and other ancillary services in the healthcare sector.  In close collaboration with the client, OSSCube deployed...

Real Time Online Fish Trading

Gironde de Marees (GDM) is one of the biggest Fish Trading companies in France. GDM has operations in multiple locations of France and Europe. GDM deals with hundreds of vendors and thousands of...

OSSCube Develops Micro Transaction Platform Product

Our client wanted to develop a product platform that can be used for micro transactions having multiple utilities such as: Micro Insurance, Pre Paid Mobile, Stored Value Applications, Micro...

OSSCube developed Trial download form management solution

Trend Micro has trial download forms for various products they offer. OSSCube used reverse engineering techniques to find out the behavior of the web service, CAS server, and Activation code...

Developed a coherent and comprehensive Enterprise-Wide System

OSSCube helped in developing a coherent and comprehensive Enterprise-Wide System to centralize a Michigan based e-business services provider’s multiple subsidiaries /businesses to a single...

Drupal 7 Migration

This case study demonstrates how the Multi-site with Multi-domain setup of OSSCube has been successfully migrated...

OSSCube helped a US based leading DI

The client was using GoldMine as their CRM system. But due to the limited scope of augmenting GoldMine, they opted for SugarCRM. For the data migration, OSSCube proposed...

Drupal 7 rollout with over 2M pages

The client engaged with OSSCube to build a flexible CMS for generating multi million pages, many of which are auto generated. The framework they needed has to be Search Engine friendly and less...