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Omni Channel Integration

Buying behaviors have changed. This is apparent in the rise of behaviors like ‘showrooming’ – the act of testing a product in-store with the intention of buying it online. To cater to digital consumers, retailers need more than the lowest prices; they need to create a complete omnichannel buying experience for B2C as well as B2B shoppers.

Omnichannel is about open, consistent and personal user experience across channels of the customer’s choice. And that means understanding a customer’s preferences across channels i.e. a new way of looking at customer data. To be a robust omnichannel business, companies need digital capabilities built into their core back end systems.

Omnichannel integration can help companies:

  • Make all experiences – offline and online – consistent, improving the buyers’ journey overall with higher quality interactions.
  • Reduce and optimize product information review, submission, and publishing process.
  • Get an advantage over online pure plays and increase sales by increasing the transparency of product availability.
  • Destroy interdepartmental silos to focus on what matters – customer experience.
  • Enable in-store sales teams to be more informed and effective.

At OSSCube, we help you integrate all B2B and B2C customer touch-points (online, mobile, point-of-sale, call center, social media, print) into a single omnichannel platform, tailor experiences across these channels, and leverage analytics to measure effectiveness. Our flexible deployment options suit your needs to scale and go live faster.

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