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Digital User Experiences

Digital technology advancements are transforming customer expectations making them seek rich, interactive, and engaging digital experiences. As user perception becomes paramount, poor or rushed design doesn’t cut it anymore.

Today, user experience goes beyond on-screen design. Accessibility has become key, making responsiveness a fundamental design element and the expectations are moving towards getting micro-moments right. Easy buying journey, omnichannel support, and positive experience at every touch point have become essential to ensure customer retention.

By focusing on digital user experience, companies can:

  • Deliver a better overall digital experience across all devices.
  • Increase conversion rates while lowering cost of customer acquisition.
  • Improve customer retention and loyalty.
  • Reduce support cost by encouraging self-service while delivering a superior experience.

To reap these benefits and deliver on customer expectations, businesses need the right customer experience management platforms. At OSSCube, we offer customer experience solutions through a combination of design thinking, consulting, and agile development. We are the partner of choice for global firms in digital experience platforms implementation. With our holistic approach, we help create exceptional user experiences for internal and external stakeholders. Our expertise extends beyond online environments to wearables and augmented reality components in multi-device and multi-identity environment.

What sets us apart from the herd is our innate ability to develop strong alliances with leading technology disruption partners. As the world’s only Zend Center of Excellence, we have a deep understanding of PHP applications and frameworks. We also spearheaded world’s first Pimcore Center of Excellence, giving us the substantial first-hand experience of its cutting-edge customer experience platform. Additionally, we continue to grow our alliances with AWS, Magento, and Salesforce.

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