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Digital Asset Management

Digital assets are the fuel of the new economy and digitally driven organizations. Digitization has opened new possibilities for information access and management, but it comes with its own set of challenges. Almost all industries, especially the consumer-facing ones now create huge volumes of digital assets – videos, images, presentations, etc.

With rising content volume, finding relevant assets, providing secure access, controlling versions and repurposing them have emerged as key challenges. The problem has moved from just storing the content to what can you do with it. This is where digital asset management (DAM) plays a critical role.

The right DAM tool can help companies:

  • Increase sales and marketing operational efficiency, provide better control on rich content for deeper engagement, and ultimately boost revenue.
  • Maintain global brand consistency across campaigns and channels with centrally controlled marketing content.
  • Improve marketing efforts by enabling faster response time, real time changes, and repurposing.
  • Improve compliance and reduce errors by setting content expiration dates that meet contractual usage rights.
  • Access files remotely through a secure file sharing system for employees and partners, improving productivity, transparency, and collaboration.

As Pimcore’s Global Center of Excellence and Exclusive Partner in North America, we are the preferred digital asset management partner. Our technology and platform solutions mitigate DAM challenges. We not only streamline the digital repository, we integrate it with web content management and e-commerce frameworks and create workflows to distribute the content on various channels such as social media, website, mailers, print etc.

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