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The Challenges

Gogo was using proprietary SaaS applications called Merchandising Center for their product administrators to develop promotions for all their offerings, but the system’s capabilities were divided between different platforms. Gogo wanted to create personalized pricing offers for passengers based on how often they fly, duration of the flight they were on, and the speed of broadband available, but their legacy systems were expensive and kept them from achieving their goals.


  • Modernize their Merchandising Center system to meet advanced and evolving business goals
  • Build a single, compliant process for managing product and promotions
  • Improve data-driven insights and behavior-driven promotion to provide tailored customer experience


Gogo is a leading global aero- communications service provider that offers inflight Internet, entertainment, text messaging, voice and other communication related services to the commercial and business aviation markets. Gogo has partnerships with 11 major commercial airlines and is now installed on nearly 2,400 commercial aircraft.

More than 6,800 business aircraft are also flying with its solutions, including the world’s largest fractional ownership fleets.

Gogo also is a factory option at every major business aircraft manufacturer. Gogo has more than 900 employees and is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, with additional facilities in Broomfield, Colorado, and various locations overseas.

The Solution

The OSSCube team advised Gogo to use Pimcore, an open source product information management (PIM) solution, as an alternative to building a custom application from scratch. This allowed Gogo to significantly reduce their time to market and lower overall costs. The new Merchandising Center solution now provides a platform to support all existing functionality while keeping business continuity and goals intact. It’s also seamlessly integrated with other applications within their ecosystem.

By leveraging existing Gogo technical platforms and standards, Gogo could ensured business stakeholder and user requirements could be met with the implemented solution to enable maximum IT supportability and maintainability.

The Result

The new Merchandising Center provides each passenger a personalized experience during their flight, improving customer satisfaction and loyalty. It also eliminated Gogo’s dependency on the legacy SaaS provider and they now have more control and flexibility on their promotions into new markets.

Gogo also uses the Merchandising Center as a central data location for their merchandising, pricing, promotions, and product offering. New intelligent reporting allows Gogo to fully understand how their service is being used and helping to make smarter business decisions.

Our new Merchandising Center provides each passenger a personalized experience during their flight, improving customer satisfaction and loyalty. It also allows us to take control and scale up into new markets.
Director of Architecture GoGo