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The culture of OSSCube is based on the foundation of Integrity, Meritocracy, Empowerment, and Entrepreneurship. Our team comprises some of the best technology minds and business experts, joining hands together to form a team with a culture, capacity, and courage to sustainably Perform, Lead and Grow.

Every recruit for OSSCube is a potential leader and is treated as such throughout his/her journey. Camaraderie here coexists with competition, and an air of informality with a performance oriented culture. If you have a passion for technology and customer service excellence, and want to co-build an innovative enterprise – you are welcome to join our growing team. At OSSCube, we have a formal program of ‘Career Management’ and ‘Competency Framework’, so you will never have to wonder about your next steps or where your next level of growth is going to come from. Most of the leadership in OSSCube is home grown and a testimonial to its leadership development program. And above all as a member of OSSCube you will be truly treated as Human “Capital”, the raison d’être or real worth of the company.

Current Openings

Breaking stereotypes, OSSCube is an IT company known not just for its high standards of work performance, but also for its relaxed and friendly work culture. Our work environment breeds innovation and nurtures inventions. We are a hub for passionate, enthusiastic and 'thinks out-of-the-box' individuals. We also take fun very seriously! Cultural celebrations, Sports Day and Engagements are all part and parcel of our professional life.

Current Openings

  • Project Manager
  • Senior Software Engineer – PHP
  • AWS Engineer