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Create personalized web experience with Drupal

Certainly, most people understand or call Drupal a CMS, but it’s more like a framework that can be extended and expanded to handle more than just content. Drupal gives all kind of customization flexibility, and it is now more of what you want to build with this framework. But with new standards and new user expectations, the trends like responsive web design and personalized web experience have made things even more interesting. Drupal Personalized Experience
Today, enterprises are largely structured to embrace frameworks and platforms that are more flexible and fluid to deliver dynamic and personalized experience to their customers. Personalized experience is something that delivers interactions in a personal relative and multichannel way, and helps improve user experience. Also, it scratches out the annoying irrelevance and makes customer journey easier. Websites like Amazon, BBC, YouTube and many more have even engineered their specific process to provide more personalized experience like personalizing content based on user segments, segmenting user based on website behavior, recommending content based on behavior or suggestions for related activities. 
This concept now is being adopted in almost every vertical because of data economy and the growing influx of information through multichannel platforms. But developing a landscape for personalized experience involves lots of thinking and understanding associated with customization costs, complexity and overhead expenses. Moreover, it also requires a thoughtful strategy around: User segmentation, Content personalization, Content modeling, and Personalization rules. 
So, before plotting a course for personalizing web experience, what matters is what you do with the content… also you need to look at which segment is most popular, how the associated work process is going to affect in terms of content management and publishing. And, does your current infrastructure have the capability to provide solidarity for scaling at this level?
Drupal excels here greatly with its enormous capability to personalize your web experience and present content specific to your preferences. In many large scale Drupal deployments, content personalization and content recommendation strategy is being aggressively acquired by enterprises to letting users access and see information as per their unique needs rather than laying down in a general way. With personalized web experience, there is a 70 to 90 percent likelihood that the information is pitched to the right user. It delivers great results for enterprises in terms of increase in total number of visits, addition of unique and new visitors, and more popularity and selling.
Now the inflow of information is rising every day across websites, mobile platforms, and social channels, the only question remains is: how important you think the personalization is for creating something unique and something relevant for your user segment. 

Union-Budget 2013: “Be Less of an Economist and More of an Entrepreneur” says Lavanya Rastogi, President, OSSCube

Lavanya Rastogi, President, Global Operations, OSSCube illustrates his fairly simple expectations and hopes for a miracle to turn everything good for business wallahs and aam admi. You can read Lavanya’s fresh-pioneering ideas and complete Budget 2013 wishlist on DECCAN Chronicle.

Deccan Chronicle

Below is his full write up: 

Budget 2013 will come at a time, when the expectations of the aam admi as well as the business wallah’s seem to be at the lowest it has been for a decade. Even the diehard optimist and “shining India” backers seem to have accepted the malaise of corruption, social chaos, circus of politics and economic policy paralysis as the New Normal for India. So much so that – any really bold or imaginary move by the bourgeoisie wise men of GOI may actually catch everyone by surprise enough to send the ever slowing economy into an adrenaline induced shock!
If there was one thing I could say our honorable Prime Minister – it would be to advice him to be less of an astute Economists and more of a visionary Entrepreneur
May be you could begin here with budget 2013: 
  1.  Support SME competitiveness by simplifying and supporting expansion of access to credit specially in overseas markets
  2.  Incentive investment into R&D and Skill building in the knowledge based industries
  3.  Expand budgetary support for institution of higher learning with real productive partnership with the industry. 
  4.  Make innovators feel welcome – by offering basic  sops and a helping hand
  5.  Invest for the future – in building public institutions that will outlive your generation. 
As sound  as economics analysis with hind sight of 20/20  may be – it unlikely that it will be nearly enough to usher in any change or stimulus with a pace of creative adaptability that the  entrepreneurial India deserves so much! 
Mr. Prime Minister – before you finally hang up your shoes, it’s time NOW for you to choose your legacy. Do you really want it to be about many promises unfulfilled, reforms bungled and believers in you disillusioned?  Or do you want it to be about Visionary Leadership …that ushered in the Economic equivalent of Green Revolution? 
After nearly 10 years at the helm, trust me, it wouldn’t really hurt you that much to step up to base and take a couple of courageous swings – if you connect and score a home run – that then will be your legacy, a last hurray! – one you can be proud of and one that you truly deserve. 
Other recommendations: 
  1. Expand the CGTSME  to offer support  upto 5 Crores and provide a framework for participating institutions to offer analogous credit guarantees or lines of credit in foreign currencies – which is key to supporting the business development expansion for export centric SMEs. 
  2. Allow R&D investment to be tax deductible at 200% and training expense to be tax deductible at 150%, this will encourage increased investment in skill building for knowledge based industries. 
  3. Provide budgetary support for expanding Industry-Academia collaboration in institutions of excellence – with the freedom to attract top flight corporate talent to manage and participate them. Currently this process if more industry driven than institution encouraged for lack of funds to attract talent from the industry to professionally run it. 
  4. Create a version 2.0 of the STPI scheme atleast for Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities that missed on the 10A and 10B regime lead employment generation. Even of its not a 100% tax rebate - one of the routes could be to have a special class of “lower deemed tax rate” – allowing the SME to remain competitive with other emerging destinations.

Is Open Source included in your 2013 IT strategy?

As the end of the year 2012 is less than two months away, enterprise decision makers are evaluating year-end moves that can help step up in 2013 with a strong start. It’s no secret that year-end strategies have a significant impact on what enterprises want to achieve in the next year. A new IT investment is central to scale-up your sustainable solutions; focusing on Open Source solutions can be a competitive differentiator for IT departments. Given the current trend, Open Source software’s customization ability, scalability and stability are a major attraction amongst enterprises.
However, one factor that enterprises strive for is Innovation, while improving operational efficiency and decreasing costs.  In fact, enterprises consider innovation a major engine to boost productivity and gain a competitive edge.  In terms of innovation, cost and quality, Open Source Software checks all these boxes, emphatically. 
In almost every vertical, the adoption of Open Source software is on the rise and growing unprecedentedly. The top motivational factors for adopters have been Freedom from VENDOR lock-In, Lowering Costs and Increasing Quality.  
  • Freedom from vendor lock-in: Vendor lock-in, also known as proprietary lock-in or customer lock-in, makes a customer dependent on supplier or vendor for their certain products and services. If you wish to change over to another vendor, major migration costs ensue, resulting in vendor monopoly. In case of Open Source Software (OSS,) you are not confined…always have ‘freedom’ from such lock-ins. In Future of Open Source 2012 survey, a full 60 percent of respondents identified freedom from vendor lock-in as the top motivating factor that makes OSS attractive.
  • Lower maintenance cost: In terms of security, Open Source Software is the clear winner. For example Linux is much more secure than Windows. In addition, Open Source Software empowers you to customize the software without depending on the supplier. Thus maintenance cost is quite low. Developers skilled in LAMP stack are more cost effective than proprietary developer rates.  According to the survey of Future of Open Source 2012, 51 percent of respondents believed that lower acquisition and maintenance costs are other top factors for OSS adoption. 
  • Better Quality: An Open Source Software is backed by many developers across the globe, thus evolves faster from a maturation standpoint and provides better quality and higher reliability. Such software are frequently developed, released and are extensively reviewed.

"By 2012, 80 per cent of all commercial software will include elements of open-source technology," Gartner wrote in a report. "Many open-source technologies are mature, stable and well supported. They provide significant opportunities for vendors and users to lower their total cost of ownership and increase returns on investment. Ignoring this will put companies at a serious competitive disadvantage. Embedded open-source strategies will become the minimal level of investment that most large software vendors will find necessary to maintain competitive advantages during the next five years."

And, what about Innovation?

Wondering? Is the Open Source innovation on the cutting edge?  Yes, it is. There is so much innovation happening on many Open Source Projects. is a good example. With its community-based approach, a lot of innovation is materializing around projects such as Linux (OS), Ubuntu, Mozilla (web browser), Apache, MySQL, Drupal (CMS), Open Source CRM (SugarCRM) and Android.  If you go through the Java space today, all of the innovative projects are Open Source, in essence.
In addition, the role of Open Source in today’s biggest IT trends  like Mobile, Social Networking, Big Data and Cloud computing has been phenomenal. Big data is on the rise and Hadoop, HBase and mongoDB are trending up so quickly for last couple of years. 
  The Virtuous Cycle Innovation and OSS
Popular Open Source Software Projects
Many enterprises are putting major focus in the adoption of Open Source technology;healthcare industries, finance world, plus agencies across federal, state, and local governments have adopted Open Source software for a broad range of solutions.
Moreover, the pool of major market leaders who are bringing innovative solutions to market using Open Source technology is quite strong.  Google, IBM, Acquia, Enterprise DB, Ntando to name a few, how they are aggressively involved in OSS projects. Even, we can’t ignore Microsoft and Yahoo!’s love for Open Source.  As an example, StudioNow proved that it is possible to build a successful technology business using Open Source software. In fact, StudioNow was so successful that AOL bought the company for US$36.5 million. 
Above all, how we can forget the power of the community. The Open Source community is growing at exceptional speed; there is community involved in most Open Source projects, resulting in more innovation and security to the Open Source projects. 
So, the bottom line is that Open Source is at a turning point and there are various reasons OSS is good for business. 
However, there is often a combination of ‘pull’ and ‘push’ influence in terms of how your business is going to adopt, utilize and benefit from OSS.  A wrong approach can impact your investments and mission-critical goals. Due to the evolution of Open Source sphere, it has made life much easier not only to global leaders but also for SMEs to tackle the question of customization ability, scalability and stability of IT solutions with controlled cost. 
As a decision maker, you have a lot to consider as the year-end approaches. If you would like to discuss these matters further or need consultancy on Open Source software adoption, we the Open Source People are just a call away. 
OSSCube has a proven track record of building mobile apps, designing architecture roadmap for mission critical & large applications for a number of Fortune 100 to startup organizations. We create big data architecture utilizing Hadoop that is extensible, high performing and integrated with other Information Systems. We also help our customers unlock the business value of Open Source through custom implementation of leading Open Source products including SugarCRM, Drupal (CMS), Magento, ProcessMaker (BPM/Workflow) to name a few.

OSSCube awarded the Zend System Integrator of the Year at ZendCon 2012

The Open Source People— ZendCon 2012 is a wrap, and what was an exciting first day of the conference! OSSCube has been named as 2012 System Integration Partner of the Year at this eighth annual PHP conference. We were awarded the “Zend System Integrator of the Year” for delivering Zend Framework based innovative and robust PHP solutions globally over the years.

Zend System Integrator of the Year at ZendCon 2012This is a huge testament to our success deploying enterprise grade PHP apps for our customers such as the Social Security Administration and a Fortune 500 Health Product company who have saved 25-50% of development and deployment costs by utilizing Zend and PHP through OSSCube. This recognition is a proof of our best practices, high quality of delivery and strong pool of certified engineers who are doing world-class PHP work for our customers’ success.

In January, 2011, OSSCube was also recognized as the world’s first Zend Center of Excellence for its trained Zend Certified Engineers (ZCEs) on board and successful projects with Zend and PHP in large-scale and business-critical implementations around the world.
We are excited about continuing our close collaboration within partner ecosystem to drive ongoing innovation with Zend and PHP around the globe.
Congratulations to each and every member of OSSCube family! 

We are sponsoring ZendCon 2012

ZendCon 2012 is in final preparations for an exciting conference and OSSCube is delighted to once again be sponsoring this premier PHP conference. Taking place on October 22-25, 2012 in Santa Clara, US, this 8th edition of ZendCon offers attendees the chance to learn from a variety of technical sessions and in-depth tutorials.

OSSCube Sponsoring ZendCon 2012
International industry experts, renowned thought-leaders and experienced PHP practitioners are on-hand to discuss PHP best practices and explore future technological developments. This year, ZendCon will be focusing on new technologies, Zend Framework 2 and cloud-based technologies.
OSSCube has always been involved in such conferences and events. As a sponsor, we envision that an event like this would again help us in further strengthening our position as a PHP expert. Last year, we have had a really good time at the conference as a sponsor, and this year we are getting ready with more energy.  
So come over… Meet. Tweet. Share your experience with us. We look forward to seeing you there. 
We‘ll blogging or tweeting what we’ll be doing at the event in the meanwhile head over to to stay tuned for speakers, agendas and conference schedule.

PHP assuring a great fit for building Cloud Apps

Zend Developer pulse survey 2012The summer 2012 edition of the Zend Developer pulse survey reveals that PHP is the language of choice for developing cloud based applications. The survey has thrown a number of interesting figures and it states that 63% of developers are deploying some apps to the cloud; 1 in 10 developers expect 100 percent of their apps to be cloud-based.

Surveying 3000+ developers, more than half the developers indicated that the apps they are developing today are destined to be deployed in cloud environments. Only one quarter of respondents (26 percent) do not expect any of their apps currently in development to be cloud-based.

Another interesting fact that popped up from the survey is that the data is consistent across company sizes. Like their small-business counterparts, 10 percent of developers in larger corporations (more than 5,000 employees) said that everything they are developing is going to be deployed to either private or public cloud.

So, what are the factors which are making PHP a magnet for enterprises for cloud-based application development?  Is it its ability to accelerate development cycle? Time saving capability? Or something associated with cost…? These mentioned factors do play their role, but it’s the combination of speed and ease of use that drives enterprises to build and deploy PHP-based cloud applications quickly.

But to get the more out of PHP and stay efficient, it is also important for enterprises to better manage security updates and patches of PHP, plus keep an eye on the latest frameworks and reusable components from the community for maximum leverage.

Being the world’s first Zend Center of Excellence and with proven capability in PHP, we, the PHP people, too realize the growing role of PHP in web, social apps and cloud apps. Now the results of Zend pulse survey make us even more enthusiastic and more agile about our PHP practice.

OSSCube is a leading global Open Source Software focused company, providing an integrated value chain of services encompassing mission critical application development, product customization and implementation, consulting and training services, on open source products and technologies, delivered through its principal locations spread across North America, the UK & India.

OSSCube expands its portfolio, now a Talend Gold Partner

Talend Open Studio - Gold PartnerTeam, time to clap for OSSCube’s new feat! Just a few days ago, OSSCube struck a strong partnership with Talend— the Open Source Integration Software Company, and from now on we are a Talend Gold partner for the US, UK and India. In fact we are covered for UK, Eire, Nordics, India, Middle East, South Africa and USA. We are confident that this new partnership will further empower us in our continued move to deliver cost effective and enterprise scale data solutions to solve complex issues for our clients.

Talend provides open source middleware solutions that enable organizations to gain more value from their applications, systems and databases. This alliance will enable us to take full advantage of Talend’s internal expertise and leverage Talend’s open source community for delivering enterprise-level data integration and data migration solutions.

Via Shattering the traditional proprietary model, Talend democratizes the integration market by providing enterprise-grade open source technologies that cover both the data integration and application integration needs of organizations of all sizes. Talend's unified integration platform addresses projects such as data integration, ETL, data quality, master data management and application integration. With their proven performance, ease of use, extensibility and robustness, Talend's solutions are the most widely used and deployed integration solutions in the world.

“Talend is a great addition to our portfolio. We will be able to optimize the process of Integration, Migration, improving Data Quality for our customers using Talend. Talend will also be a great addition to our Big Data capabilities” and we will be organizing training for a team of 8 who can then become trainers for other people within OSSCube, said Shashin Shah - Managing Director, OSSCube, UK.

So, let’s welcome another set of skills in OSSCube team. And, I will update you soon once the Talend training schedule is finalized.

ZendCon, 2012 announces call for paper… share your spirit!

ZendCon 2012 Call for paper is now open. Come and speak at this Premier PHP Conference to share your experiences and learn from the rockstars of the PHP world.

To be held in Santa Clara, USA, October 22-25, 2012, this globally recognized PHP conference presents a great opportunity for developers, architects, development managers, decision makers, core PHP developers and community members to exchange their knowledge and expertise with the large PHP community. PHP Zendcon 2012
The conference is looking for the best speakers to share their expertise under one roof. The key themes for this year’s ZendCon are:
  • PHP in 2012
  • Zend Framework 2
  • Development & The Cloud

ZendCon, 2012 is open to any new and unique content. Submissions will be accepted for both 3 hour tutorials and 60 minute sessions; and please do submit more than one talk if you have a lot to say.

Within the themes, there are several topic areas that would be beneficial to the attendees.

  • Application and infrastructure best practices/case studies
  • Testing, debugging, profiling and QA
  • Framework-based development
  • Zend Framework 2
  • Cloud-based services and cloud-based development
  • Server and cloud-based infrastructure
  • RIA, mobile and browser
  • Databases, storage and data modeling
  • Security
  • Unsung Tools
  • Agile processes and project management
  • PHP on the IBM i

This 8th edition of ZendCon promises to be an exceptional venue to meet peers, engage innovative companies and take up unique networking opportunities.

Did I forget to mention that accepted speakers will have round-trip airline travel arranged and paid for by S&S Media, the conference organizer. Speakers will also be provided a complimentary hotel room for 1 night and will receive an additional complimentary night for each presentation or tutorial given (up to a maximum of 6 nights).

The Call for Papers closes on May 21st, 2012, so start submitting now at

Join with a great lineup this year for an awesome learning opportunity!


OSCON Participation: Great Team Work…Great Learning!

The recently held OSCON 2011 Convention in Portland, OR was a fantastic experience for the OSSCube team. This conference gave me the opportunity to meet and speak with many technology evangelists around the world. I delivered a major presentation on SmartWorks Project (a federal level use system that OSSCube has helped design and roll out) during day two of the event while the, President Lavanya Rastogi and Head of Business Development & Customer Advocacy Vivek Agrawal alternated booth staffing duty and new business prospect meetings throughout the event. Our presentation was accepted so well by the audience and received some concrete feedback.

OSCON 2011

We had a well thought out and well designed booth Setup where our international team with mix of sales focus and technical expertise was present to support us. Our Partners ZEND backed us at the booth. Our case studies were quite a success and attracted the clients to visit us at the booth.

OSCON 2011

The Tuesday evening reception and two full days of exhibits on Wednesday and Thursday saw some 185 of the show’s delegates, almost 8% of the total, visit the OSSCube booth and interact with both our staff and our two guest authors, Kevin Schroeder and Peter MacIntyre, both of whom signed copies of their respective books and assisted us in educating delegates on the interrelationship of PHP, Zend and OSSCube. Several solid new and continuing business leads were developed at the show and are already being followed up.

OSCON 2011

We’re very likely to see some of these same delegates at our next stop, ZendCon, in mid October in Santa Clara, CA. We’ll share new opportunities from this show as they materialize.


OSSCube to sponsor ZendCon 2011

OSSCube is p php zendcon 2011roud to announce that they are sponsoring ZendCon 2011, an event focused on PHP best practices and emerging new technologies. Taking place in Santa Clara, California on October 17-20, 2011, the conference will bring together PHP developers and IT managers from around the world to explore the latest developments on in PHP ecosystem.

OSSCube, the world’s first ZEND Center of Excellence for enterprise PHP and Product Development, aggressively supports open source focused conferences. The company also contributes regularly in open source technology by way of code contributions.

This 7th Annual Zend PHP Conference will feature renowned speakers, in depths tutorials and an exhibit hall featuring industry leaders where you’ll have both learning and networking opportunities. The conference is majorly focused on themes Cloud Computing, Mobile and User Experience, and Enterprise and Professional PHP.

At the ZendCon 2011, PHP enthusiasts will have great opportunity to:

  • Explore PHP best practices for architecture, design and development
  • Learn about the latest developments in PHP Cloud infrastructure, management and application services
  • Discover new advances in the PHP language and how best to harness them
  • Learn how to build engaging mobile apps with the latest PHP technologies and tools
  • Explore new technologies like NoSQL and Cloud Computing
  • Learn how to effectively leverage Zend Framework and the changes coming in ZendFramework 2.0

To know more about the conference, do visit

About OSSCube, Zend Centre of Excellence:
OSSCub OSSCube, Zend Centre of Excellencee has been consistently rated as one of the best PHP Solution providers in the world. ‘If it is PHP, we do it best’ has been the company’s credo since its inception and living up to this motto has made OSSCube the world’s first Zend Centre of Excellence, housing best of breed PHP expertise and development practices. By forging partnerships with leading open source technology/product providers like Acquia (Drupal), SugarCRM (Gold partner), and EnterpriseDB (Global SI Partner), OSSCube has enhanced its technological expertise and emerged as the ‘preferred partner’ for global corporations looking for outsourced product development engagements. And it has carved a niche for itself in the technology space by delivering innovative, on-time and cost-effective open source solutions to businesses globally through its delivery centres in USA, UK and India. Learn more at

Zend – The PHP Company
Zend Technologies is the leading provider of software and services for developing, deploying, and managing business-critical PHP applications for on-premise and cloud computing environments.

PHP runs more than one-third of the world’s Web sites and has quickly become the most popular language for building dynamic Web applications. Deployed at more than 40,000 companies worldwide, the Zend family of products delivers a comprehensive solution for supporting the entire application lifecycle.


    client testimonials

    We’ve reduced our costs by 60% and were able to improve our data quality by moving from to SugarCRM.
    Our service provider, OSSCube exceeded our expectations! Delivery was very fast and they were extremely responsive to any issues uncovered during UAT. We're looking forward to reaping the benefits of SugarCRM long into the future.

    Phillip Getto, CTO
    Orametrix, US

    Thank you all. I am very fortunate to be working with such a skilled, dedicated and gracious team. I only wish I could be there in person to express my gratitude.

    Client Representative
    Building and Construction Network, US

    The requests that OSSCube has been working on are making our jobs better so I wanted to pass the kudos along to your team!

    Project Leader of Web and Data Services
    CU Solutions Group, US

    We wanted to express our appreciation for the work your team performed on the SmartStart application. The team was always professional, following up consistently and appropriately, and followed through on every deliverable in a detailed manner. And we appreciate the professional workforce you are building at OSSCube.

    Ben and Sue, Client Representatives
    SmartStart application, US

    Well done for the successful BSS migration! I'm really conscious that there has been a huge amount of work that has gone into planning and managing this event, and it's a credit to everyone involved that it has gone as smoothly as it has done. It's been particularly encouraging to see the level of dedication and the feeling of working as 'one team' which has ensured that issues have been cleared down in a speedy fashion.

    Client Representative
    Virgin Media, US