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CRM Success Through Effective Master Data Management Strategies

If you use a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system you can’t afford to ignore  proper data management techniques. Proper data management is critical to effective information governance. And, Master Data Management (MDM) plays a vital role in building results-oriented and effective CRM processes. With the evolution of Big Data, mastering MDM has become an even more critical entity.

"Over the last several years, CRM software sales have outstripped overall IT spending," said Bill O'Kane, research director at Gartner. "CRM leaders must understand the benefits of the MDM discipline to CRM and make it part of their CRM strategy. MDM is critical to enabling CRM leaders to create the 360-degree view of the customer required for an optimized customer experience."

tCustomer data is generated through different platforms, including: social media, third-party applications, and other external data enrichment providers. Organizations can’t go wrong by using these platforms with their MDM for customer segmentation, customer acquisition, prospecting, and overall consistent reporting. This especially applies in marketing or sales departments, where today a coordinated effort is required to improve efficiency and generate more revenue.

To achieve success with an MDM program, it’s important to measure strategies effectively. To help you in your efforts, we’re providing you with a few simple steps to consider before implementing your MDM strategy.

  • Define an enterprise data management objective
  • Identify usable sources of master data
  • Create a data quality benchmark- ensure the master data is free of redundancies and duplicates. (Tools, processes, and people are generally used to maintain the data quality).
  • Continuously audit programs and update to newer versions of software and applications

Master Data Management

Creating and maintaining accurate and complete master data should be the top priority of every organization. To be successful, an organization must acquire and maintain accurate master data by developing data maintenance and governance processes and procedures. The strategy adopted to determine the success of an MDM program can vary from one organization to another, but the core value remains the same: optimizing spending and growing business.

If you’d like to learn more about OSSCube and our Master Data Management tools, send us an email: or give us a call at 1-888-724-8898

Will Open Source Give Birth to First Real Iron Man Suit?

First Real Iron Man SuitThis year, the technology world exploded with new wearable devices. From smart watches to Google Glass, and now even smart contact lenses. The question is: what will these devices mean for us in the future? The answer: More intelligent systems, the ability to perform tasks better, and most excitingly, artificial intelligence. 

That all sounds great, but the question people across the world are asking themselves is: “How close are we to a real Iron Man suit?”The truth is, walking around in super-strong suits may not be that far away. 
Realistically , We haven’t quite cracked the secrets behind Iron Man’s suit, But we’ve got some of the specs down.  for example: a panoplied suit  with high-tech weapons and the ability to to augment human strength? It looks like we are in a good position to build that one. In fact, the US military  has been working on “exoskeleton” suits to help soldiers do more in combat. The suits enhance strength and increase protection for a soldier. You can read more about it here . While repulsor beams, flight arc reactors, and internal power generation units are a long way away, the armored suit is something different entirely.
A while back a report stated that the “first Linux-powered Iron Man suits may soon be within the reach of homebrew builders”, it was fascinating. Why Linux? Why open source?
Well, the biggest technology problem facing a project like this is artificial intelligence (AI) technology to the like of Stark's Just A Rather Very Intelligent System (JARVIS), which is required to run such suits.
But the way open source is leading innovation through collaboration, we can expect the pace and volume of AI improvement and creation to increase. Maybe it would be a hasty generalization to say that open source will help build a superhero suit, but the community has indicated that they're up to any challenge, and we soon expect to see the first Linux-enabled Iron Penguin kits. So if anyone were to be able to pull this off, it would be these open source developers.
As the world begins adjusting to new realities, the desire for more innovation could drive technology breathroughs necessary to replicate  ironman technology. With the vitality of the open source community that drives innovation faster, it won’t be wrong to look forward for intelligent and wearable body exoskeleton in the near future. What do you think?

Why Magento Rules E-Commerce

Magento Ecommerce SolutionMagento is the world’s most powerful open source e-commerce platform. Launched in 2008, Magento is now trusted by more than 200,000 businesses, including some of the world's leading brands. It offers  businesses a high degree of flexibility, and control over user experience, catalog, content, and functionality of their e-commerce sites. Completely scalable and backed by an extensive support network, the Magento platform empowers large and growing businesses to scale more effectively and support growing numbers of visitors to their core e-commerce sites.
So what makes Magento the most preferred e-commerce platform? Let’s  take a deeper look:
Intuitive administration interface and flexibility 
Magento provides e-commerce solutions that let you customize the look, feel, and functionality of your site to reflect your brand’s personality. Choosing Magento as your e-commerce platform provides you with an intuitive administration interface capable of easily updating and refining your site as your needs evolve. Considering the remarkable benefits of Magento , it’s easy to see why major brands such as Vizio, The 
North Face, Fred Perry, and Samsung have embraced it for their online commerce requirements.
New themes 
Magento has introduced new sub-categories for themes to make it easier for online businesses to find and download the right option for their business.This makes it easier for developers to showcase their unique style and appeal to retailers in specific industries.
Support of large brands 
Over the past year Magento and its diverse ecosystem have continued to improve on the Magento platform to support larger brands, more robust product catalogues, and more complex implementations. Optimized catalogue indexing, improved content caching, streamlined checkout flow, and improved tax recommendations provide customers with greater value,faster load times and lower overall costs, from their Magento platform.
Community of more than 300,000 members 
The rapid growth of Magento is further strengthened by a dedicated community of more than 300,000 members. This community has the ability to provide technical support as you build and run your site. If you have concerns regarding design, deployment, customization, or anything else, you can easily engage with the community for support and guidance. 
It’s exciting to see the innovative solutions that Magento has created for the online business industry. By solving real customer challenges like waiting in line to purchase goods, your business can improve scustomer experience, build brand loyalty and increase revenue while enjoying the lower total cost of ownership provided by open source applications. No other platform delivers such a high level of inherent functionality along with a great deal of flexibility; Magento is truly one-of-a-kind.

Loaded carts and wish lists: What Magento is really made of

magento ecommerce solution

If you’re reading this, and happen to be a human being, chances are you’ve purchased something online. Whether you got caught in a bidding war, found a steal on Amazon, or were too afraid of the mall on Black Friday to leave your house, it’s happened to you. But as simple as online shopping my seem, there’s an application working behind the scenes to make sure you can log in and get everything on that list of yours. 

These apps come in all shapes and sizes, but Magento is one in particular that’s taking the ecommerce world by storm. In fact, as of September 23, 2013, 20% of the top 100k internet sites were using Magento.

So what makes Magento work? Here are the basics:

Who/when: In early 2011 eBay made an investment in Magento amounting to nearly majority ownership; by the end of the year eBay controlled 100%.

What: Magento is an ecommerce application. Built using Zend (PHP) framework, It allows businesses to engage with their customers and provide online shopping carts into their websites. Extended features allow for social sharing, customization, mobile, user profiles, and much more.

Where: Magento is an open source web application. This means that the software is developed by the community, and is available for free. (The community version is free, more full featured version are sold by X.commerce, an eBay company)

Why: Because enabling ecommerce is generating businesses a lot of money!  2012 ecommerce sales eclipsed $200 million.   When you combine that with a lower cost open source model, the ROI is huge.  In addition, Magento is the most flexible platform on the market, allowing for more control and unique engagement model.

How: The good news is there are lots of ways to learn about Magento. The better news, is you’re already reading from one of the best options! OSSCube specializes in Magento implementation, customization, and support. If you’d like to learn more about our expertise, go to

When it comes to your business, you always want to make the best decision. Don’t let the competition beat you to the punch, and start looking into ecommerce options! You won’t regret it.

To learn more about OSSCube and our services please visit or call: 1-888-967-7282

Apigility – Lightning Fast API Development

Apigilty - API Development
Have you been struggling to get applications to market fast? A couple of weeks back, Zend, the PHP Company, revealed a new open source project called Apigility. The Apigility project , an opinionated API builder, is a fresh and distinct new way to provide users with the world’s easiest way to create and maintain high-quality API-based applications.
Zend has launched Apigility realizing the challenges of building API-centric architectures. It provides a user interface for building APIs in a simple, standardized way, leveraging industry standards and best practices.
According to Zend, Developers can create an API and wire in any number of the nuts-and-bolts services that Apigility provides. This automates some decisions, making the coding process easier and less cumbersome. Zend has selected recommended best practices for API creation in terms of authentication, error handling, filtering, validation and documentation. Apigility’s role does not end with the creation of the API – it is designed to allow developers to evolve their APIs as requirements change - add, update or remove APIs – and has full support for versioning.
Below are Apigility’s highlights:
Error handling - When an error happens on the server side, Apigility immediately reports the response involved and the nature of the problem to the API consumer. Apigility’s detailed problem report enables programmers to easily parse and understand what happened, rather than remain mystified as to the source of their API error and spend hours finding it. Additionally, developers may tailor error reports to deliver as much or as little information as desired.
Validation - Apigility makes it simple for developers to make sure functionality exists for their end users. It ensures that all data coming into an API is valid. If not, Apigility sends a single response, in a predictable format that returns all errors. API consumers know upfront when they did something wrong.
Content negotiation - Apigility enables developers to immediately know when something is wrong with submitted data. It will verify whether each client is capable of viewing an application, and whether data submitted to an API is of an acceptable content type. If not, Apigility sends back a response indicating that the API can’t provide a representation, or cannot understand the data. As a result, APIs become simpler for 3rd parties and partners to work with.
Versioning - Apigility supports multiple versions of the same API with added, altered or removed services – and enables developers to easily support both old and up-to-date clients at the same time, with fully automated version negotiation. The user interface allows developers to manage all versions of the API from one centralized place, and provision new versions as needed.

Apigility is hosted on GitHub. The README contains details on how to download and install Apigility via Composer; once you install, set it up via a vhost in your web server or the built-in PHP 5.4+ web server and visit the welcome page in a web browser. That’s it! Now get started creating your APIs!
To learn more about this project, click here.
We are excited about this new initiative by Zend. OSSCube won the "Americas Premier Partner of the Year 2013" award at ZendCon 2013. We have also been named as 2012 System Integration Partner of the Year at this eighth annual PHP conference.
OSSCube is the world’s only Zend Center of Excellence for its trained Zend Certified Engineers (ZCEs) on board and successful projects with Zend and PHP in large-scale and business-critical implementations around the world.
To know more about the services OSSCube provides?, visit or contact me, Brian Land.  Email: or phone: 512.670.8430

Cyber Security Isn’t What it Used to be

Cyber SecurityOn August 29, 2013 a few members of OSSCube attended the CIOSynergy in Boston, Ma. The event, which focuses on creating business discussions between technology companies and corporate CIOs, also features several panels throughout the day. The SECURECIO™ Panel was a highlight of the day, offering executives insight on the hottest business topic in years.

Here are some of the most important points brought up during the panel. Make sure to give us your thoughts in the comments below!

1: “A lot of the concerns in the past few years highlight our dependency on systems to stay up and running." Tim McKnight, EVP Information and Security Risks, Fidelity
In a digital age, any business is expected to be accessible 24/7. Websites, social media, and internal systems like CRM and e-mail must be maintained. Any outage is not only a security risk to the company, but to any customer with ties to the organization. Additionally, every minute that a public profile is compromised or unavailable is a minute of negative exposure for a brand. That one minute could’ve been the first time a billion dollar company wanted to contact you- That’s great, but now they see your company as juvenile and incapable of maintaining even its own business; deal-breaker.

2: “It's not just financial data anymore. If it's out there they'll find a way to make money on it." Ken Patterson, CISO, Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare
Cyber-attacks are no longer about obtaining financial information; they’re about obtaining ANY information. That means that intrusions aren’t just looking for card numbers and pins, but for passwords, and screen names, addresses, cell phone numbers; anything that can give them a social and digital profile of potential targets. Access to a cellphone number can lead to cell intrusions targeting GPS location allowing hackers to know where you live, where you spend your money, and where you work; they could target an entire corporation because they know sending you an email would go through your company’s internal system.

3: "Does more money mean more security? Not necessarily." Tim McKnight
This one is the classic quality over quantity scenario. Although protection is going to cost some (probably large) amount of money, the price discrepancies aren’t quite as important when you get down to the nitty gritty of those numbers; it’s about what you’re getting out of your investment. Never go searching for a security option based on a budget; you want to use your requirements as a search tool. Find what you need without looking at price, then follow up on that package with Development and business representatives.

So, are you scared yet? We know the feeling. But the best way to prepare for a cyber attack is to stay informed. We live in the digital age, and working in technology you should always know what the newest threats are. They may not be impossible to thwart, but there’s always going to be a way to minimize risk and consequence.

What’s up Next for CRM and Three Reasons Why You Should Care

Customer Relationship Management - CRMWhen you decide where to spend your money, think about the businesses you tend to choose: Are they the ones who put you on hold for 20 minutes to ask you repetitive questions? It’s not very likely. We spend our money in places we feel listen to us and understand our needs. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is a vital tool for improving customer experience for businesses of any size. What many people don’t know is that CRM is most efficient when used as the structural foundation of customer management, not the entire relationship process. With instant support ad building intimate customer relationships at the core of business strategy, next-generation companies simply can’t afford to ignore today’s multi-capacity CRM.
Add-on CRM solutions are highly customizable, making every organization work at its highest possible efficiency. CRM now encompasses marketing and sales automation, sales support, employee on-boarding, building process management workflows, and so many more vital business interaction tools. 
So why does this matter?
1. Real-time user experience
The CRM model has evolved from profitability and cost-cutting objectives, to making sales reps and employees more effective; to act as a differentiator in the customer relationship dimension. With a properly integrated and customized CRM, you propel your efforts beyond the competition.
2. Multi-channel integration
Mobile apps are helping to boost the CRM evolution, and the movement to cloud-based SaaS platforms marks radical changes in CRM implementation. Effective multi-channel CRM integration can help companies build a 360 degree view of their consumer base, and position themselves to generate leads and close sales.
3. Business processes: simplified
CRM add-ons and applications help business customize their workflows. Every business can plan exactly how to execute any potential action or ensure compliance to business processes from beginning to end. CRM can give employees all the tools they need to perform at a high quality level, build and maintain relationships, and minimize wait times for supervisor approvals; all which decreases customer response time and helps to build loyalty.
The takeaway seems clear: CRM solutions can increase productivity and customer retention for any organization. At OSSCube, customized SugarCRM is our tool to make sure that we’re always on top of our game. And with offices around the world, efficiency can never be sacrificed. Our unique system makes everything we do simpler, and more proactive in helping to meet the needs of our clients. 
Want to learn more? Check out /sugarcrm-services

Is your current CRM application capable of handling organization changes?

The process of implementing a CRM application is arguably the most dynamic topic because of its business transforming capability, and the role it will play in the future success of an organization. Every organization has different expectations as they all have unique needs, strategic objectives and tactical requirements. The core challenge of implementing a CRM application is not typically related to the technology, but in achieving strategic alignment between an organization’s business objectives and technological capabilities.

Simply, each organization usually has defined specific strategies around customer service and processes that they have implemented time over time. These processes tend to evolve over time as business conditions change, challenging the technology to keep pace. It’s not uncommon for these changes to cause business and technical alignment to get out of sync. 

It’s surprising how many companies have not yet adopted formal CRM systems, but are using “home grown” solutions. There are many organizations that have seen the strategic value in long-term investment in CRM application. But, CRM strategy is something that changes from time-to-time to gain competitive advantage and drive more profitability. A good example is the way organizations are adopting social computing, SaaS solution, mobile capabilities to deal with digital disruptions and maximize the overall value of their customer portfolio. Now the question is how can you make sure your organization maximize the return from your CRM investment? So, before acquiring and deploying a CRM solution, it is important to understand and access the capabilities of CRM that will lead and sustain the necessary organizational changes like:

  • Changes in business models, merger and acquisition and regulatory compliance requirements
  • Consolidation and integration requirements around new adopted environment or newly deployed supporting technologies
  • Supporting changing requirements to constantly improve customer experience
  • Providing a global view of customer records to both customer facing and management employees
  • Any surprising demand to train more sales representatives and users 
  • Modernize  CRM and integrate with best-of-breed apps

Each organization has its own distinction, some are technology focused, some are more business centric, and some more agile than others, but the important question is how they leverage the implemented CRM system to handle the change in the organization and expand the turnover in a near to mid-term future. 

OSSCube Joins Austin Technology Council

Austin Technology CouncilAustin, TX

OSSCube is pleased to announce that it is now a member of the Austin Technology Council (ATC). The ATC is Central Texas’ premier trade association for companies working in and around technology and life sciences.

With 200 member organizations, representing over 20,000 technology and life science industry professionals, the ATC offers numerous events, educational forums and business conferences that bring together visionaries, leaders, managers and employees to make an impact on the industry.

OSSCube, a global open source solutions provider, looks forward to contributing to the local community and to working with peer groups to promote professional development and education in the open source technology sector. Contact OSSCube at or call us at 888-967-7282.

OSSCube Teaming with SugarCRM to Co-Sponsoring DrupalCon Portland

OSSCube and SugarCRM are teaming up at this year’s DrupalCon in Portland to show the power of integrated business solutions.  DrupalCon Portland 2013

DrupalCon 2013 promises to be one of the most exciting events ever as the demand for Open Source continues to skyrocket.  Portland is also the home of many open source companies including the Drupal Association andthe nearby Oregon State University Open Source Labs. 

Taking place on May 20-24, 2013 at the Oregon Convention Center Portland, this international event welcomes new Drupalers, Drupal rock stars, and the brightest minds to share their knowledge and expertise into this vibrant and active community. This five day event will connect, engage and inspire both Drupal experts and newbies through a series of multiple featured sessions, keynotes, presentations, code sprints, breakout rooms, training, countless opportunities for networking and more.

Please be sure to stop by our booth so that we can show you the power of business solutions developed with Drupal, SugarCRM and other open source technologies. We may also have a few surprises for you…..  Details for this exciting event can be found on its official website We hope to  see you in Portland (the city of roses).  


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    We’ve reduced our costs by 60% and were able to improve our data quality by moving from to SugarCRM.
    Our service provider, OSSCube exceeded our expectations! Delivery was very fast and they were extremely responsive to any issues uncovered during UAT. We're looking forward to reaping the benefits of SugarCRM long into the future.

    Phillip Getto, CTO
    Orametrix, US

    Thank you all. I am very fortunate to be working with such a skilled, dedicated and gracious team. I only wish I could be there in person to express my gratitude.

    Client Representative
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    The requests that OSSCube has been working on are making our jobs better so I wanted to pass the kudos along to your team!

    Project Leader of Web and Data Services
    CU Solutions Group, US

    We wanted to express our appreciation for the work your team performed on the SmartStart application. The team was always professional, following up consistently and appropriately, and followed through on every deliverable in a detailed manner. And we appreciate the professional workforce you are building at OSSCube.

    Ben and Sue, Client Representatives
    SmartStart application, US

    Well done for the successful BSS migration! I'm really conscious that there has been a huge amount of work that has gone into planning and managing this event, and it's a credit to everyone involved that it has gone as smoothly as it has done. It's been particularly encouraging to see the level of dedication and the feeling of working as 'one team' which has ensured that issues have been cleared down in a speedy fashion.

    Client Representative
    Virgin Media, US