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Mobile, Cloud and Big data are bright trends for open source

Lavanya Rastogi Posted by Lavanya Rastogi | July 25th, 2012

The wheels of open source are strongly moving forward, just as suggested it would be in my post ‘ Storm over Open Source looks Unabated’. When glancing inside the sphere of open source technology, you will find many good reasons for it to be the choice for next generation IT architecture. As per the current trend, the rate of adoption of open source by enterprises is around 40%. There are great innovations happening in cloud; the mobile market and big data markets are flourishing. Each of these developments passes through the gate of open source.

With the use of these technologies, it makes it no surprise that the top factors that still influence enterprises for adopting open source are:

  • Lower ownership
  • More affordable maintenance cost
  • Abundance of code/components from which to select
  • Flexibility
  • Freedom from Vendor lock-in

Last month at the Open Source Business Conference in San Francisco the results of the “2012 Future of Open Source Survey Results” brought interesting news for the Open Source community. The survey report of 2012 (the sixth annual report) is produced by North Bridge Venture Partners and Black Duck Software.  It stated:

“The results of the survey, now in its fifth year, reveal that open source is now fully embraced by both the public and private sectors, and is being implemented across a wide variety of markets and applications such as social publishing and big data. Additionally, user confidence in open source continues to grow dramatically, represented by the fact that users are much less concerned with historical impediments to adoption such as licensing or conforming to an organization’s internal policies.”

Other findings from the survey are listed below.

Factors influencing the choice of OSS Projects are strong, especially in the availability of commercial support.

OSS Projects

The 2012 survey shows that Freedom from Vendor Lock-in, Lower Costs, and Quality make OSS the right choice.

What makes OSS Attractive

The group of Open Source Collaborators is strong.

Open Source Collaborators

The platforms of Hadoop, R, and NoSQL are now growing vigorously. They will be key development areas for many enterprises’ big data strategies.

James Kobielus, (he was then an analyst at Forrester Research Inc. before joining IBM Corp. as a senior program director for product marketing of big data analytics solutions), wrote in an e-mail message that “open-source approaches have the momentum of the most widespread adoption and the most feverish innovation.” This was originally posted by Brain Boom in an article The open-source answer to big data.

Kobielus further added, platforms like Hadoop, R and NoSQL have enjoyed an advantage over proprietary software because they were able to evolve faster. They’re also being continuously developed and refined by many different parties. Pretty soon, he predicts, open-source will begin to dominate the big data world.

Open source software platform has already exploded in popularity and Big Data talent is in high demand. In fact, many open source apps are now considered superior to their proprietary counterparts. The quality of open source, capability to continuously improve and scale, and innovation are the key drivers of its adoption. And we, OSSCube, the Open Source people, are quite optimistic about it!!!

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