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February Austin PHP Monthly Meetup

Austin PHP Monthly Meetup, held on Feb 09, 2012, was my first major PHP event I attended this year. At the meetup, I had the privilege to meet an excellent group of PHP enthusiasts and programmers. The group had more than 50 attendees came from a wide range of background to share their knowledge and ideas. February Austin PHP Monthly Meetup

The main agenda of this meetup was PHPCloud/DevCloud, Zend Studio where the participation of Zend was the major attraction. Kevin Schroeder, Technology Evangelist for Zend Technologies, gave some great demos on Zend Studio deploying apps on the PHPCloud. Kevin had spoken at several conferences (including ZendCON of course) and is also the co-author of “The IBM i Programmer’s Guide to PHP” and author of “You want to do WHAT with PHP?”

He also illustrated the debugging capabilities of Zend Studio 9.0 through demos. I took it as a great opportunity to take a more in-depth look at PHPCloud, Zend Studio 9 and more!

The conversations carried were interesting, each individual seems to have a good story/background, and I even learned a thing or two!

It was a nice experience meeting with good mix of bright and experienced people and sharing dialog with them. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting with great group of PHP programmers. The response of attendees was awesome and overall this is an excellently run and organized meetup.  

T-shirts and stickers were also given away to attendees and I really had good time with enthusiasts folks and great topics !!!

To those who are not familiar with this group, here is a quick brief

Austin PHP Meetup is a great group of folks interested in developing with PHP in the Austin, Texas area. For last 8 years, this meetup has been organized to provide PHP users an opportunity to teach and learn. Austin PHP is now the fifth largest PHP Group in the world.

This meetup is a great platform for PHP users new and old where they can gain insights on PHP and network with their peers.
Visit this link to stay updated on upcoming Austin PHP meetups.



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