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Event Calendar Module - Organize events with flexible formatting

Creating and managing your events now made easy. Try our newly contributed module “Event Calendar” that enables you to display your events on your Drupal website in a calendar or an event list with nice formatting features. So, focus more on experiencing events rather than constantly trying to remember when and where they’re happening.
From creating simple events to managing  a chain of events, you can customize this module and keep track of important events at one place. The module allows users to Add/Edit/View events in pop-up while clicking on a box in an “event calendar view”. It makes quite easy and fast to create more than one event at once. Its color-coded categories, flexible formatting, and more let users know exactly what’re the upcoming events and which event is near! You just have to focus on adding your calendar content and the module takes care of the rest. 
This is how this module appear:
event calendar drupal module
It has a simple Admin UI which helps you easily manage mail subject, change status (approve/deny) events and a mailing system in a tabular form.

For detailed information or to download this module, please visit  

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