Bring DAM Into Your Center of (Digital Asset) Interest |

Bring DAM Into Your Center of (Digital Asset) Interest

Shashin Shah Posted by Shashin Shah | July 17th, 2017

Digital assets now carry intrinsic business values that can magically improve your revenue performance. It turbocharges organizations to respond to their competitors’ promotions and keep engaged with today’s constantly changing marketplace.

And, the growing use of digital assets across multiple channels has brought digital asset management (DAM) back to the center stage.

According to Forrester’s Vendor Landscape: Digital Asset Management, 2017 report, DAM Wants To Be The Center Of Your Content Universe.

Digital Asset Management

DAM is an engagement multiplier that enables effective and faster digital asset planning, resulting in better brand reputation and trust amongst customers.

An effective DAM allows you to increase operational efficiencies, generate real revenue from your assets, and grab new organizational opportunities when they present themselves. DAM uses intelligence and meta-data fueled processes to store, handle, improve, and distribute digital assets across multiple systems, virtual frameworks, and time zones. This means that you can search for multimedia content or a visual or any other type of content quickly and easily. It provides speed and flexibility to minimize your human effort and time, including:

A Central Hub for Higher Performance:

Digital asset management can function as the central hub for your content from creative workflows to delivery mechanisms. A dedicated DAM acts as a core repository that helps you produce compelling content in your presentation layer for telling better brand stories.

DAM helps in amplifying your reach as it enables to align the branding, facilitate rational communications and enforce brand compliance. It increases marketing productivity, improves operational efficiency and shortens marketing cycle time.

It can serve as a great tool for adding value to digital aspect of your business and creating a strong brand image.

Encourage Effective Brand Experiences:

Customers demand a seamless experience across all channels— mobile, tablet, and desktop. Digital asset management offers a centralized platform that enables you to deliver experience through documents, videos, and guidelines to make your brand unique. It aligns internal teams working for brand promise, imbuing everyone with a consistent approach to deal with customers, in spite of their level of interaction.

It also allows you to manage the copyright issues of assets. That means you can avoid violating copyright and usage guidelines around content. It can help avoid violating image licenses and increase security compliance, thus improving the overall brand experience.

Save Cost and Headache in Creating and Delivering Content:

Both traditional and digital content are crucial when it comes to defining the brand and deepening customer relationships. Digital asset management consolidates the process of content development via workflows for the marketing team. It also simplifies the review process and helps to ensure legal compliance.

DAM helps manage digital content with administrative controls to oversee the full content publishing life cycle. You can annotate assets and review iterations before sending it for publishing. It promotes better content optimization.

Improve Omnichannel Marketing:

DAM delivers the right brand experience using the right media in right channels. With varied channels, managing content becomes very crucial. DAM stores, publishes, and manages all assets across multiple channels. You do not have to waste time to search for content (for different channels) and everyone can operate from the same central platform.

DAM supports complex workflows and multiple stakeholders, enabling you to create, review and publish content on multiple platforms from a single place. Its integrated components of marketing resource management (MRM) technologies around planning and allocation of resources enable you to optimize your assets across all channels and maximize brand consistency.

A Helping Instrument in Digital Transformation:

Companies are taking a swift shift towards digital transformation to deliver captivating and value adding digital experience for their customers. Right from exceptional branding, building great digital marketing strategies to managing stakeholders, decision makers, and customers; they are doing it all to devise a strong and consistent image in the market. For this, they need to stream unending supply of content to stay connected with their customers 24/7.

When you have to operate everything at hyper-speed, older approaches won’t work. Integrating a dedicated DAM platform can maximize the use and productivity of existing assets to take customer engagement to the next level.

Dam(n) right! Sooner you realize its potential, better business results you can achieve in the long-run.

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