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Posted by lauren
On May 23, 2016
Vineet Agrawal accepting the 2016 India SME 100 Award from Shri. Kalraj Mishra,

OSSCube's success was a labor of love for serial entrepreneurs Vineet Agrawal and Lavanya Rastogi. Their passion and persistence led the organization to win yet another award-naming them one of the 2016 India SME 100.

Posted by John
On Apr 11, 2016
cloud computingThere are many great motivators to move to the cloud, but there are also many steps to take. With companies looking for better agility, cost savings, productivity and mobility, tomorrow’s business certainly belongs to the cloud. Sure, there are still concerns about cloud security.. But when Gartner says, “Cloud computing will become the bulk of new IT spend by 2016,” it’s clear that the cloud is being increasingly relied on as a vehicle for agile, scalable and elastic solutions, and should not be considered a security risk.
Posted by lauren
On Mar 23, 2016
IE 20 Award

Vineet Agarwal’s words echoed on the crowded office floor, "This was a tough one.” The OSSCube Chief Operating Officer continued, “We were competing with hundreds of deserving companies, but today, we did it. Standing here after being named one of India’s emerging companies, there is only I can say one thing conclusively—it wouldn't have been possible without the unconditional support and encouragement of this entire organization—you."

Posted by John
On Mar 17, 2016
We'll keep it short and sweet. Everyone needs a mobile app, they just don't know what to expect from their mobile app partner. That's where we come in.
 Here are the top five things to consider when choosing a mobile app partner in 2016.
Posted by lauren
On Mar 07, 2016
Rajiv Talreja's OSSCube Story
For those of us who work at OSSCube, or have the pleasure of knowing Vineet Agrawal and Lavanya Rastogi personally, the power of their collaborative efforts is well established. For years, many of us have grown professionally thanks to their counsel and now, thanks to Rajiv Talreja's book Lead or Bleed, the rest of the world has access to their story; and the ability to learn from their dynamic partnership as well.
Posted by lauren
On Mar 02, 2016
Local Career Day Texas
For many parents, there will be a time where their child asks them to take part in “career day” at school. While any parent would be excited, our own CTO, Shashin Shah, had a little bit more to celebrate. 
"As a proud dad I was obviously excited just to be able to share this day with my children," Shah said. "But I also realized that there was an opportunity for me to spread the world to young people about all of the cool experiences that can accompany a career in IT." 
Posted by John
On Feb 17, 2016
enterprise digital transformation
Last week, OSSCube expanded our relationship with Pimcore by announcing an exclusive North American partnership. This expanded partnership allows us to grow our e-commerce practice and improve our digital transformation capabilities. With this expansion, it's a good time to take a look at OSSCube, and how we're making a difference for enterprise businesses globally.
Posted by shashin-shah
On Feb 12, 2016
devops consulting services
It’s the question businesses considering cloud adoption ask more than any other. 
The answer? It’s not as simple as one would assume, a few steps must be taken to determine whether DevOps is a fit for your business. 
First, you must understand DevOps and consider that it is not a platform or technology, but a practice that requires Business Process Reform (BPR) and internal cultural changes. 
Posted by brian
On Feb 02, 2016
When we hear the term CRM, what comes to mind is a solution that automates sales processes and nurtures more profitable customer relationships. In a socially-connected world, businesses often think of CRM in terms of creating extraordinary customer experiences and bolstering the bottom-line . However, the real value of a modern CRM goes far beyond what we’ve thought for more than a decade.
Posted by John
On Jan 12, 2016
Customers are establishing new buying behaviors with brands. Industry lines are blurring with new forms of competition. Regulatory and risk concerns are growing every day.


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