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Posted by shashin-shah
On Aug 09, 2016

DevOps is now an understood set of practices. If done well, it brings better collaboration between teams and empowers them for agility, quality, and profit. But, the secret to DevOps success is not just technology, it is also a sense of purpose, openness, the selection of right tools, and aligned leadership.

Posted by shashin-shah
On Jul 27, 2016
omni channel experienceManaging customer-facing product information has become an important part of the customer experience in today’s multichannel world. The way organizations are diversifying their businesses on online, offline, e-commerce, and m-commerce platforms, a well-managed and consistent product information across all devices and platforms plays a key role to improve the experience. And, this is where a product information management (PIM) system can help.
Posted by sonali
On Jul 21, 2016

Making it to the top hundred "Companies to Work for in India”, is no mean feat. And when it happens for 3 consecutive years, it is testimony enough that you're heading in the right direction in cultivating a healthy company culture. OSSCube is thankful to all its team members for making the company a three-time honoree on the Great Place to Work® list.

Posted by shashin-shah
On Jul 07, 2016
Omnichannel ExperienceThe idea of gratifying customers in creative ways is not new. Brands have been doing it for ages, but what customers now expect is much more: an overall better experience. Customer experience generally involves delivering value at their touch points when, where and how they need it.
Posted by lauren
On Jun 17, 2016

While MySQL is known as an easy to use database, official tools to manage pools of MySQL servers and make the whole system highly available with less complexity have been typically missing from the picture. The introduction of MySQL Fabric makes all of this far simpler. Join the Abdul Manaf as he explains the latest developments for MySQL Fabric, a framework for managing pools of MySQL server.

Posted by shashin-shah
On Jun 15, 2016

Digital technology is eating the traditional business model, forcing organizations of all kinds to reshape their value propositions and operating models to maintain a competitive advantage over others. To adapt to this change, digital transformation is quickly becoming a key focus area for enterprise businesses.

Posted by lauren
On Jun 06, 2016

If you’re in the Internet retail business then you’ve probably seen the term “IRCE” popping up a lot in your newsfeed. And if you’re not headed to Chicago from June 7-10, then you’re probably wondering what all the fuss is about. Well look no further, we’re breaking it down.

Posted by lauren
On May 23, 2016
Vineet Agrawal accepting the 2016 India SME 100 Award from Shri. Kalraj Mishra,

OSSCube's success was a labor of love for serial entrepreneurs Vineet Agrawal and Lavanya Rastogi. Their passion and persistence led the organization to win yet another award-naming them one of the 2016 India SME 100.

Posted by John
On Apr 11, 2016
cloud computingThere are many great motivators to move to the cloud, but there are also many steps to take. With companies looking for better agility, cost savings, productivity and mobility, tomorrow’s business certainly belongs to the cloud. Sure, there are still concerns about cloud security.. But when Gartner says, “Cloud computing will become the bulk of new IT spend by 2016,” it’s clear that the cloud is being increasingly relied on as a vehicle for agile, scalable and elastic solutions, and should not be considered a security risk.
Posted by lauren
On Mar 23, 2016
IE 20 Award

Vineet Agarwal’s words echoed on the crowded office floor, "This was a tough one.” The OSSCube Chief Operating Officer continued, “We were competing with hundreds of deserving companies, but today, we did it. Standing here after being named one of India’s emerging companies, there is only I can say one thing conclusively—it wouldn't have been possible without the unconditional support and encouragement of this entire organization—you."


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