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Posted by shashin-shah
On Feb 12, 2016
devops consulting
It’s the question businesses considering cloud adoption ask more than any other. 
The answer? It’s not as simple as one would assume, a few steps must be taken to determine whether DevOps is a fit for your business. 
First, you must understand DevOps and consider that it is not a platform or technology, but a practice that requires Business Process Reform (BPR) and internal cultural changes. 
Posted by brian
On Feb 02, 2016
When we hear the term CRM, what comes to mind is a solution that automates sales processes and nurtures more profitable customer relationships. In a socially-connected world, businesses often think of CRM in terms of creating extraordinary customer experiences and bolstering the bottom-line . However, the real value of a modern CRM goes far beyond what we’ve thought for more than a decade.
Posted by John
On Jan 12, 2016
Customers are establishing new buying behaviors with brands. Industry lines are blurring with new forms of competition. Regulatory and risk concerns are growing every day.
Posted by sonali
On Nov 25, 2015

Tides are changing in the open source world. The growth of open source products and services has reached new highs. Right now, there are more open source projects being rolled out than ever before, and that number is growing rapidly.

Posted by shashin-shah
On Sep 22, 2015
master data management

For CRM users, Master Data Management (MDM) can not be ignored. MDM plays an important role in building effective and results-oriented customer relationship management (CRM) processes, it sets the standard for information governance.

Posted by John
On Aug 13, 2015
OSSCube - Inc 5000

Venture into the Internet abyss for business advice and you’ll find an abundance of information. Thousands of articles will appear telling you what to measure and how to build a business through processes and management skills; which are all very helpful.

Posted by lauren
On Jun 18, 2015

In this digital age businesses are serious about leveraging content to improve customer experience. In fact, the ability to do this and do it well can make or break a company’s marketing efforts.

Posted by lauren
On Jun 01, 2015
Five Minute Facts

OSSCube was founded on the concept of contributing to businesses’ growth through the use of open source technologies. We offer services and integrated solutions by leveraging open source software and technology, and we do this for a reason: a better experience for our customers.

Posted by Raghavan
On May 22, 2015

Hadoop skills are in high-demand, and with no end to this pattern in sight, learning Hadoop should be top priority for IT professionals. Now, those who jumped on the bandwagon early are already enjoying the fruits of success, but there’s still hope for the rest! With so many Hadoop training resources available; from classroom sessions, to free resources online, there’s almost no reason to put off learning such a marketable skill any longer.

Posted by rakesh
On May 20, 2015
If data is oil for organizations then Database Management System (DBMSs) are the machine it runs; processing data for conscious operational and analytical decisions. This symbiotic relationship is so important one could say the success of modern-day applications and systems— specifically Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMSs)—relies on its success.


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