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Posted by lauren
On Jul 15, 2014

Startups are not only one of the biggest audiences at SXSW, but an audience with the greatest need for products that can adapt to frequent change and grow rapidly with them.OSSCube won’t be exhibiting at SXSW V2V this year, but we know that service providers can be an important part of a startup’s growth; and while choosing a service provider is never easy, that’s why we’re sharing our top reasons for working with one.

Posted by lauren
On Jun 19, 2014

From April 29, through May 1, 2014, CRM experts and SugarCRM proponents gathered in San Francisco for  SugarCon 2014. The three day conference included dozens of expert panels, training sessions, and plenty of time to meet with the best of SugarCRM’s partner program over food and drinks.Thanks to the “Put the ’i’ in Marketing” panel, and others we were able to hear lots of success stories at SugarCon this year, and we’re sharing our three favorites with you.

Posted by rakesh
On Jun 06, 2014

We live in an age of customer fulfillment, where application engineering practices are going through constant change. Decades old applications can no longer satiate the needs of today’s socially engaged consumer. This change is forcing management teams to rethink existing applications and, in many cases, start from scratch to create a product capable of meeting market demands.

Posted by rakesh
On Apr 23, 2014
The nature of app engineering for enterprise businesses is changing fast, and it’s bringing with it new budget black holes; consuming valuable time, energy, and money.So what are these black holes? They’re more common than you think;  in fact, the most common types of costs associated with developing apps are: on-going operating costs and the need for future investments (like upgrades).
Posted by lauren
On Apr 08, 2014

Open source tools are valuable, utilized around the globe, and contributed to by countless enterprises and IT professionals. The movement is creating lighter, faster, more efficient frameworks; it’s changing the way things get done and finding ways to things that haven’t been done before. More than 50% off all enterprises surveyed are expected to contribute to open source software in the next year, are you one of them?

Posted by lauren
On Mar 29, 2014

This year at the South by Southwest Interactive festival in Austin, TX, Lauren Bush Lauren, founder of FEED Projects, held an informative and compelling session about social entrepreneurship, and the global impact of social business for good.

Posted by lauren
On Feb 28, 2014

For businesses, being on top of constantly evolving user behaviors is a critical success factor. OSSCube has become a seasoned vet at “keeping up” with new trends, and we want to address some of the biggest concerns we've heard from partners and customers. So let’s talk about this new world of mobile business.

Posted by rakesh
On Feb 14, 2014

In the big data world, , Hadoop is on the tip of everyone’s tongue. Recently, as big data exploded, Hadoop has become an important tool for anyone interested in data science. Hadoop changing the way businesses store and analyze massive volumes of data. 

Posted by brian
On Feb 07, 2014

This year, the technology world exploded with new wearable devices. From smart watches to Google Glass, and now even smart contact lenses. The question is: what will these devices mean for us in the future? The answer: More intelligent systems, the ability to perform tasks better, and most excitingly, artificial intelligence.

Posted by rakesh
On Jan 22, 2014

In the beginning, enterprise applications were built simply to present business information to customers. But now, with the extraordinary explosion of information, and new delivery models, business applications serve as the heart of IT strategy.Customers expect a personalized experience, and instant information whenever they need it, wherever they are.


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