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Posted by lauren
On Apr 02, 2015

Good Marketing Automation (MA) can change your business for the better. MA can make any email campaign and tracking effort a breeze, but what happens when your database is accessible anywhere your marketing department goes? With Act-On anywhere, that’s exactly what you’ll discover.

As an Act-On partner we specialize in custom integrations, and our team of experts knows exactly how your business can use Act-On to power marketing efforts and boost your revenue. Our teams know Act-On from every angle, and we’re using our expertise in the field to break down our favorite features of the new Act-On Anywhere program, and letting you know just how each one can benefit you

Posted by lauren
On Mar 09, 2015

“I remember when big data was a band out of Brooklyn, New York, Twitter was a sound, and cloud was something you see in the sky,” Proclaimed Lavanya Rastogi at a packed Hyatt Regency ballroom in Dallas, Texas. The room, full of CIOs, CTOs, and other high-ranking IT minds laughed along as Lavanya brought them on a quick trip through time, but understood on a deeper level, where this was all going.

Posted by bratin
On Feb 27, 2015

It's not exactly easy to type when your hands are sore, but I’ll do my best. For the last few hours I’ve been clasping my fingers tight, anxiously awaiting the results of the 23rd World HRD Congress Awards. Hosted in Mumbai on the 15th and 16th of February, the World HRD Congress Awards honor the efforts of companies that go the extra mile for their employees. HR initiatives are given the royal treatment, and businesses from all over the world compete for the top honors.

Posted by John
On Feb 25, 2015

For those with experience running a team or department, it’s easy to identify shortcomings, roadblocks, and process management issues. A manager or executive has the ability to see what works, and what doesn’t from a high-level, but the issue many decision-makers face when is figuring out how to make it all work better. This is where a new set of eyes can come in handy.

Posted by lorne
On Feb 09, 2015

When the idea of introducing open source technology to a business environment is brought to the table, most see the topic as one pointed toward cost-savings. But in 2015 this notion begs the question- ‘is it fair to tag open source as just a way to save money?’ I find it hard to say yes. While open source software is advantageous for those trying to reduce cost, there is so much more to offer for any size business, with any size budget.

Posted by lauren
On Jan 19, 2015

As 2015  begins companies are working hard to begin implementing their marketing strategy. It’s the time to analyze 2014 marketing efforts and introduce new ones, all to make sure the sales pipeline gets a boost in the coming year.

Posted by rakesh
On Jan 15, 2015

No longer seen as a “heap” of information, big data has been realized by the masses as a tool for better decision-making. From businesses to individuals, social media aficionados to cyber junkies, everyone can find a benefit in big data. The business audience is aware of the revolution and is aggressively adopting a data-driven approach to making decisions and improving operational efficiency.

Posted by vippan
On Jan 05, 2015

Right now, CIOs and CTOs across the world are asking the same question: Is it time to move to the cloud? The answer? Almost universally, yes. Cloud has evolved from a personal storage solution to a full-blown infrastructure for enterprise architecture development.

Posted by vippan
On Nov 21, 2014

Zend Studio 12, The PHP Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for Smarter Development, has been released, and brings with it extended power and speed. This latest version gives new capabilities to developers through newly added mobile development technologies, better user experience, PHP 5.6 support, and support for Amazon Web Services (AWS) and utilization of the Eclipse 4 Luna development platform.

Posted by vippan
On Nov 11, 2014

For media companies operating In the age of the internet, customers demand better services, better quality, and above all, instant access. When a customer base is in the millions, keeping every individual need and preference can be a complex and time consuming task.


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