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July 2007

PHP 4 is Dead!! Long live PHP 5

PHP Community announced that all active development work of PHP4 will stop by year end. PHP 5 will be the default supported version. It’s great news with great challenges. While we love PHP 5 for its extraordinary features and call it a modern day language, the truth is that less than 1% hosts provides PHP5 hosting today. I wonder what will happen to those thousands of applications, millions of lines of codes, products that are running on PHP 4. It will be some task to convert the existing applications to PHP 5 compliant.

Call For Papers Opens for OS Summit Asia 2007

The Apache Software Foundation (ASF) and the Eclipse Foundation invite submissions to OS Summit Asia 2007, to be held Nov 26 - 30 at the Cyberport, Hong Kong. A ground breaking event, OS Summit Asia is the first joint conference between the Apache and Eclipse Foundations and the first such event in Hong Kong and greater China.

Firefox 3 first beta by July End!


As per the Firefox 3 Schedule, Firefox 3 Beta 1 is schedule for the end of July and Beta 2 is set for September. Further betas and release candidates will be made available as necessary until the final launch of Firefox 3.

10 Tips That Every PHP Newbie Should Know

10 things you (probably) didn’t know about PHP A few obvious items in this list, but a number of gems too. Even PHP experts should take a quick look—there … read more

Call for Papers (July 2007)- IOSN South Asia

Duration : 2 months The IOSN South Asian node is issuing a Call for Papers within the sub-region on the following topics - 1)FOSS TCO for Govt in developing countries (in Asia) 2)FOSS Business Models for developing countries (in Asia) 3)FOSS in School Education 4)FOSS for Scientific Applications Objectives Each of these papers are expected to : * Introduce Free/Open Source Software, Open Standards, and Open Content briefly and provide a rationale for the use of Open Standards, Open Source, Open Content in the respective sectors * Profile FOSS based applications for the domains * Compare FOS

Zend Frameork 1.0 Released

Bill Karwin, Product Engineering Managers writes that Zend Framework 1.0 is released. Hurray!! we were anxiously waiting for the release. Here is what Bill is saying

PHP 5.2.3 Released

The PHP development team announced the immediate availability of PHP 5.2.3. This release continues to improve the security and the stability of the 5.X branch as well as addressing two regressions introduced by the previous 5.2 releases. These regressions relate to the timeout handling over non-blocking SSL connections and the lack of HTTP_RAW_POST_DATA in certain conditions. All users are encouraged to upgrade to this release.

    client testimonials

    We’ve reduced our costs by 60% and were able to improve our data quality by moving from to SugarCRM.
    Our service provider, OSSCube exceeded our expectations! Delivery was very fast and they were extremely responsive to any issues uncovered during UAT. We're looking forward to reaping the benefits of SugarCRM long into the future.

    Phillip Getto, CTO
    Orametrix, US

    Thank you all. I am very fortunate to be working with such a skilled, dedicated and gracious team. I only wish I could be there in person to express my gratitude.

    Client Representative
    Building and Construction Network, US

    The requests that OSSCube has been working on are making our jobs better so I wanted to pass the kudos along to your team!

    Project Leader of Web and Data Services
    CU Solutions Group, US

    We wanted to express our appreciation for the work your team performed on the SmartStart application. The team was always professional, following up consistently and appropriately, and followed through on every deliverable in a detailed manner. And we appreciate the professional workforce you are building at OSSCube.

    Ben and Sue, Client Representatives
    SmartStart application, US

    Well done for the successful BSS migration! I'm really conscious that there has been a huge amount of work that has gone into planning and managing this event, and it's a credit to everyone involved that it has gone as smoothly as it has done. It's been particularly encouraging to see the level of dedication and the feeling of working as 'one team' which has ensured that issues have been cleared down in a speedy fashion.

    Client Representative
    Virgin Media, US